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I sort of dropped the ball right out of the gate on this blogging thing, lol.
Real life is real lately, so I don't have a lot of time to put into things that take actual brain work, and this blog is something I'd really prefer not to do half-assed. I have been able to tour some of the new monthly fairs and will hopefully have a couple new outfits to share. I still haven't had a chance to edit any of the latest snapshots I've taken, so today I will share photos of my Linden home, lol.

Brena's House 
I chose the Quad model home from the Meadowbrook collection that Linden offers Premium subscribers. I bit on the half price deal they had recently, so the selection of homes was rather sparse since I'm sure several others jumped on the offer. It wasn't exactly what I expected considering it's literally one quarter of a quadraplex that I share with three other residents. However, it's a more reasonable size for the 117-prim limit. I found in my other Linden homes that I was out of prim space before finishing one room. And I really don't require much privacy, so it ended up being perfect for me.

Playing my Piano in Piano 
When I landed at this home, I was stoked to see that it's on a sim called Piano. So naturally, I HAD to get a piano for my place since I'm also a musician, and music is a big part of my life. I will probably never own a grand piano in my first life, so yay for SL.

  The Hookah NookThis is my Hookah Nook! I love the beaded curtains and bohemian look I squeezed out of this seemingly purposeless area. I've yet to find some decent animations for the seating and hookah, but it's still aesthetically pleasing -- and there's lava lamps!

I think I did an okay job on it considering I'm limited to 117 prims. I am constantly trying to budget them in the best way I can figure out. There's actually a lot of low-prim furniture designers out there who feel my pain, so that's a huge help. Overall, it's a great, comfy place, and it's where I spend most of my time in SL. Thanks for looking! :)

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