It's Mostly Black and White

I know this is only my second post, but it will become painfully obvious now and in the future that I love black and white -- especially black. =)
But because I am dabbling in this photography/blogging thing, I figure I might as well challenge myself a bit and experiment with *gasp* COLORS! (eep)
So while I hop that hurdle, here's a cute, simple, black and white panda-themed ensemble.

Panda Delite

Hair: TRUTH - Astrid

[ abrasive ] - Panda Delite

Sweater: *Stars*Fashion* - Raven Cardigan



Well, I'm not exactly sure where to start with this SL blogging thing, but I am interested in having a go at it. So...here goes...

Good Girl with Bad Habits
Good Girl with Bad Habits

I figured I'd start with a rather fun and easy outfit for my first post.
It describes me to a T.  ;)  
If anyone actually looks at this and I get requests for skin and other accessories I haven't listed, I will do followups later. Enjoy!

 Hair: TRUTH - Tenille 

Top: BElieve - Lovely Sweater - Habits

Skirt: Steelhead Outfitters - Eriador Pleated Skirt

Legwarmers: Etchaflesh - Sexy Thigh High Warmers

Shoes: Crazy Kitty (from High Sexy Legwarmers)