I'm late for a very important date!

Yes, Easter was nearly two weeks ago, but I committed to posting this when I took the photos. I'm still quite inexperienced with photo editing and was rather unsure of myself when trying to remove the green screen from behind the bunny ears. That coupled with a chaotic real life has delayed yet another post. I'm not 100% satisfied, but I improvised with a background that helps blend it somewhat.

This is by no means a traditional Easter ensemble, but non-traditional is pretty much how I roll. :D

Brena Bunny

Hair: ** Venus ** - Lorena

Eyes: IKON - Sovereign Eyes in Field (March Group Gift)

Skin: Glam Affair - Cleo

Body: Maitreya - Lara

Dress: Bedazzle's Designs - Shake Crack n Hatch Mini Dress

Stockings: Izzie's - Overknee Socks

Shoes: REIGN - Haiden Plats

Facial Piercing: ivy - Piercing Maiko

Choker: Kibitz - Eco Necklace

Necklace: Grumble - Bunny Necklace

Bracelets: **RE** - Malus Bracelets 2.0

Tattoo: #KA# - Flower Mehndi Tattoo


Take Me Out!

I should just have a default disclaimer for each post that I am slow. As I said in the last entry, my real life is super stressful right now because my Dad is bed-ridden in the hospital battling cancer and various complications from the treatment. My Mom is also up in years and can't drive, so we are back and forth to the hospital twice a day to visit, help with meals, and to make sure he's getting proper care.
Between that and taking over the finances and family in and out of town, I seem to come up short on time to apply myself to something creative. It's just life, though, that we can't get to an outlet when we need it the most, right?! And it is truly a blessing in disguise that I have no life (haha) and am able to help take care of my parents during this trial.

With that said, I've put together a fun, flirty outfit that's perfect for just going out for a good time and forgetting the struggle if even just for a moment. The only thing missing is a dance partner. :D

Take Me Out

Hair: TRUTH - Demelza

Skin: Glam Affair - Sia

Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara

Dress: Badoura Design - Dilara Dress

Shoes: [L.Warwick] - Elation Platform Heels

Necklace: [MANDALA] - Ero Sensei Necklace Set

Bracelets: **RE** - Malus Bracelets 2.0

Tattoo: #KA# - Flower Mehndi Tattoo


My Sanctuary

I sort of dropped the ball right out of the gate on this blogging thing, lol.
Real life is real lately, so I don't have a lot of time to put into things that take actual brain work, and this blog is something I'd really prefer not to do half-assed. I have been able to tour some of the new monthly fairs and will hopefully have a couple new outfits to share. I still haven't had a chance to edit any of the latest snapshots I've taken, so today I will share photos of my Linden home, lol.

Brena's House 
I chose the Quad model home from the Meadowbrook collection that Linden offers Premium subscribers. I bit on the half price deal they had recently, so the selection of homes was rather sparse since I'm sure several others jumped on the offer. It wasn't exactly what I expected considering it's literally one quarter of a quadraplex that I share with three other residents. However, it's a more reasonable size for the 117-prim limit. I found in my other Linden homes that I was out of prim space before finishing one room. And I really don't require much privacy, so it ended up being perfect for me.

Playing my Piano in Piano 
When I landed at this home, I was stoked to see that it's on a sim called Piano. So naturally, I HAD to get a piano for my place since I'm also a musician, and music is a big part of my life. I will probably never own a grand piano in my first life, so yay for SL.

  The Hookah NookThis is my Hookah Nook! I love the beaded curtains and bohemian look I squeezed out of this seemingly purposeless area. I've yet to find some decent animations for the seating and hookah, but it's still aesthetically pleasing -- and there's lava lamps!

I think I did an okay job on it considering I'm limited to 117 prims. I am constantly trying to budget them in the best way I can figure out. There's actually a lot of low-prim furniture designers out there who feel my pain, so that's a huge help. Overall, it's a great, comfy place, and it's where I spend most of my time in SL. Thanks for looking! :)


It's Mostly Black and White

I know this is only my second post, but it will become painfully obvious now and in the future that I love black and white -- especially black. =)
But because I am dabbling in this photography/blogging thing, I figure I might as well challenge myself a bit and experiment with *gasp* COLORS! (eep)
So while I hop that hurdle, here's a cute, simple, black and white panda-themed ensemble.

Panda Delite

Hair: TRUTH - Astrid

[ abrasive ] - Panda Delite

Sweater: *Stars*Fashion* - Raven Cardigan



Well, I'm not exactly sure where to start with this SL blogging thing, but I am interested in having a go at it. So...here goes...

Good Girl with Bad Habits
Good Girl with Bad Habits

I figured I'd start with a rather fun and easy outfit for my first post.
It describes me to a T.  ;)  
If anyone actually looks at this and I get requests for skin and other accessories I haven't listed, I will do followups later. Enjoy!

 Hair: TRUTH - Tenille 

Top: BElieve - Lovely Sweater - Habits

Skirt: Steelhead Outfitters - Eriador Pleated Skirt

Legwarmers: Etchaflesh - Sexy Thigh High Warmers

Shoes: Crazy Kitty (from High Sexy Legwarmers)